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Godzilla Vs. Kong


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While I can't say this movie will impress anybody by its story (mainly because the studios knew barely anybody really cared, anyway), its fight scenes and visual/audio effects are quite impressive, which this movie knows you've come to care for by this point.


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Im not gonna lie, this turned out better than I was expecting lol.

I was expecting the stupidity, the bad acting, ect.

But wasn't expecting as many genuine fight scenes, nor did I expect those fight scenes to be so well done.

I dont know lol... maybe my expectations were so low they were bound to be surpassed, but I enjoyed the Godzilla vs Kong experience lol.

Though since I was rooting for Kong, I will say Im disappointed in how they made Kong almost submit to Godzilla lol.

Overall Im gonna go with.....

5.9 out of 10