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It's hurts when I can't talk to members of my own family. It saddens me when people I consider friends can't hear a word I'm saying. As an educator I feel ashamed that many of my colleagues who cannot think for themselves, yet are teaching your children.Cancelled MEMES (33).jpg
You can share this the next time one of these cult followers bothers you about why you haven't gotten the stabby.


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    Car Mechanic.jpeg
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FAUCISM (noun) - Mask-wearing, frequent hand washing, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings of people in an effort to stop the spread of Cooties 19 among the populace. Named after Infectious Disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.


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    Cancelled MEMES (27).jpg
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Worth sharing with anyone still telling you need to comply with mandates. These same people are the ones listening to government propaganda being passed off as science.

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